Frenquently asked questions

  1. What do I need to start using ProxyCloud?

    • ProxyCloud is a Web System, so you can run it from any PC with internet connection and a web browser installed. To start using it you must have your Admin name and Password available. You must have received these data in your email box with the address you indicated when your System was ordered. Thus, you don’t need to install any software nor having any special permits in the PC you may use, just being able to use the web browser.

  2. Do I need a PC with special features?

    • The most important feature for better running the System is your available uploading/downloading internet speed connection. All the other features will affect much less than they should do if you run locally any other pre-installed software in the PC.

  3. I've got a Mac computer, can I run ProxyCloud System in it?

    • No doubt, ProxyCloud can run in any device (PC, tablets, smartphones) using any OS like IOS (Apple), Android or Windows.

  4. I've just received my admin user name and password, how do I start to configure my System?

    • Your admin user name and password are the key of your System. They will allow you exclusively to create, assign or delete the basic elements used by the System.

      These basic elements which are exclusively handled by the Admin are:

      • Offices: it's possible to define new offices, or delete or modify any of the existing ones.
      • Devices assignment: excluding NFC smartphones (as they are automatically assigned to the right office with their first use), any other device must be appointed to any existing office. First time System runs, every device is assigned to the headquarters, and the Admin may move them to any of the offices already defined.
      • Users: Admin may create new users and assign them to the headquarters or to any existing office. users in headquarters may create new users, if they have the privileges to do so, or even delete them. It is also possible to reset the password for any existing user.

      Of course, Admin may handle any parameter in the software, supervise the RTI, verify or alter any of the features of the System or generate any report.

  5. I'm a user assigned to the headquarters. May I manage the information belonging to another office?

    • If you have the right privileges, ProxyCloud is designed to allow users belonging to the headquarters office to manage their local data, as well as any other data belonging to any office.

      These data may be managed independently, or simultaneously with the one of another offices. If it's managed simultaneously, any information will be shown according to headquarters office time zone; however, if the data managed belongs just to any other office, the shown date and time will be referred to that office Time Zone.

      In this way, any user assigned to the headquarters may manage and supervise any activity performed in any client either local or in any other state, as well as he can decide to manage the information belonging to any of the offices, as users appointed to that office will do.

      You can check your user's name, office and time zone you are managing in the upper right area of the top menu. You can change the office by selecting a new one in the setup.

  6. How can I create a new client?

    • To create a new client as well as adding, modifying or deleting any data, you must be qualified as a user with Reading/Writing attributes. If you have not enough qualification, you may just check any data as well as the RTI, and generate reports.

      If you got reading/writing attributes, to create a new client you just need to go to the clients List by pressing the corresponding clients button in top menu; once you get the list showing all the clients already defined (if any), just press the Create client button on the top right area of your screen.

      Please remember that if as a user you are appointed to the headquarters you are allowed to manage data belonging to your headquarters and to any other office; any new client you create, he may be appointed to the headquarters or to any other office. If you are working using any office profile, the new client will be added to that office. If you are working directly with the headquarters, you will have to select if this new client must be appointed to any office or will be managed by the headquarters.

  7. My new client is already defined, what do I do next?

    • Now you must define the different guarding contracts (usually, client premises) you are going to control, as well as define the tours which must be followed, the control points that must be checked while running these Tours, and even the different schedules and time patterns that must be took in consideration by the guards, according to your estimations.

      Each client must have at least one contract defined. You can check the different contracts and tours defined for any client by just pressing the button Contracts and Tours located on the right side of the desired client, in the list of clients.

  8. I need to work with many data at the same time, can I check information from different clients simultaneously, while verifying the RTI and generating reports?

    • Yes, one of the big advantages of working with ProxyCloud is that you can open as many browser windows as you want, with any data in them. Just use your mouse pointer to select the button with the new data you want to open, and right click on it; you will be shown many different options, and you just need to select Open in a new Window or Open in a New Browser Screen to get your new information ready.

  9. ProxyCloud stores all my private information in a server, are my data kept safe?

    • All your information is encrypted using SSL protocols similar to the ones used in online stores. These information is saved in Microsoft Azure Servers, which include high security measures. You can get more info in

      These servers are proved as the more reliable.

      To warranty your data are not lost, they are saved twice using a mirror technology, and an automatic backup is performed every hour.

  10. How can I define the shifts and the number of tours to run?

    • To define the different schedules for the guarding shifts, and for the activities to be performed by the guards, it is necessary to define the time patterns which will help you to define the different shifts, from the setup options.

      The time patterns will let you define different periods while guarding services will be performed. Examples of these periods may be Labor Days, Weekends, Holidays, Christmas...

      Every contract defined for a client will include some master tours to run, and schedules while guards will perform these tours a certain number of times.

      For example, let's consider Client X includes Contract Y composed by:

      • Master tours number 1, 2 and 3.
      • Shifts Nights Labor Days and Weekends which include the time frames, days, frequency and time margins to perform these tours.
      • One shift may include many different master tours to be checked several times. I.e. Nights Labor Days shift may include master tours number 1 and 2:
        • Master tour no. 1 must be checked 4 times.
        • Master tour no. 2 must be checked 5 times.

      Any master your may share shifts with a different master tour, or may be performed in an independent exclusive shift.

      You can define new master tours belonging to any Contract from the master tours list, and pressing the Create tour on the right.

      You can define new schedules for an specific tour, by selecting the points and schedules list, tab shifts, button Create shift.

  11. How do I assign new check points to any existing master tour?

    • Check points in a master tour can be added in many different simple ways. First of all, you must create the new master tour or select an existing one, and go to the points and schedules list. Once in the Points tab, you must press the Add points button. You will get a new window showing the existing points in the master tour (if any), and with some different options:

      • New point by code: if you already know the HEX code of the check points to add, (maybe because you already got them form a previous installation), you can add them just typing this information and the description of them.
      • New point from device: this is the more simple way to add new points. Just select this option and you will get a small window. Now you just need to select the device you will use to read the new points, press the Read points button, and read the new points to add in the right order; once transmitted to our server, you will get all these points in the window. By pressing the "Add Points to Tour" these points will be included in the selected tour, after the existing ones (if any). Edit each one of these points to give them a description, and press Save changes to definitely include this new points in the tour.
      • New point from tour: if the desired control points to include in the tour are already installed in the client premises, just ask the guard to perform a perfect tour by reading these points in a specific order at any known time. You can get these points in your screen by pressing this option, selecting the device used by the guard and the time frame they were checked. You will get am list of these points, together with the time they were checked. Just verify you got the right ones, check the box corresponding to the ones you want to add and press the Add points to tour. These points will be included in the selected tour, after the existing ones (if any). Edit each one of these points to give them the right description, and press Save changes to definitely include this new points in the tour.

      Please REMEMBER to press the press the Save changes button to definitely include this new points in the tour, as any change will not be saved in the Tour until this very same moment.

  12. How can I check the different shifts and schedules to perform any day in every client?

    • ProxyCloud offers you a very powerful tool: the agenda.

      With the agenda you can check:

      • The shifts that must be performed in any client/contract per day, weekly or monthly.
      • All the shifts that must be done today, or any other day.

      The agenda lets you check all this information in a user friendly graphics way.

      Even more, the agenda is connected to the RTI to let you automatically check all the activities of your Guards in real time: if shifts start and finish at the right time, if tours are checked within the assigned time frames and margins, and if all the check points are properly checked.

  13. What is the RTI?

    • The RTI o Real Time Information is the module that supervises in real time all the activities of your guards and patrols.

      Once you open the RTI, it will show you the following information:

      • Shifts that must have already started, and the status of them:
        • In time
        • Delayed
        • Tour finished
        • Ongoing tour status:
          • Tour not started in time
          • Tour started too soon or too late, regarding the finish time of previous tour
          • Active guard name performing the tour
          • Active guard sent a SOS message
          • Check point verified OK
          • Check point repeated
          • Check point belongs to a different tour
          • Too short time between check points
          • Too long time between check points
          • Too short time between tours
          • Too long time between tours
      • Finished tours:
        • Missed check points
        • Tour lasted too short
        • Tour lasted too long
        • Too long time between tours
      • Checkpoints received, not included in a pre-programmed shift.
      • Shifts that must start on next 12 hours.
      • Data refresh time evolution.
      • Any other information received from any device belonging to the corresponding Office, but not assigned to any ongoing shifts.

      RTI works in this way:

      • RTI shows the information corresponding to the active office for the login user:
        • If user is working with the HEADQUARTERS, the shown information will belong to any client existing in the system, whatsoever the office it may be appointed. Times shown will be according THE HEADQUARTERS TIME ZONE. Time difference will be shown for any data.
        • If user works with any OFFICE, the shown information will belong to just clients appointed to that office . Times shown will be according to that OFFICE TIME ZONE.
      • RTI refresh this information every minute, showing the last check point received and the status for every client/contract/shift. It will show any other information received, as well as the scheduled shift6s to start within the next 12 hours, and removing old shifts already finished.
      • Finished shifts or unscheduled information received, will remain in the RTI for a certain time. This time is defined in the SetUp Config data option in the top menu.